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Bleeding Hemorrhoids and How To Cure Them

The last thing I want is a mouthful of any type of drink to go spraying all over your computer screen as you sit down to read this. So I just want to start off by assuring you that no images of real life hemorrhoid examples will be included in this post.

Feeling the stinging torturous pain of hemorrhoids, especially bleeding hemorrhoids, is one thing, viewing another’s ghastly and disgusting hemorrhoidal situation sticking out like a sore thumb is another.

Maybe that should’ve been sore bum.

Anyway, with that introduction out the way to alleve your worries, it’s time to talk about a subject that’s close to your bum if you’re reading this; hemorrhoids.

Don’t worry, for years they were close to my bum too!

I suffered from intense sharp, cutting-like pain from hemorrhoidal horror. The pain from my bleeding hemorrhoids seemed to triple in size in no time, and they hurt so much that the pain started shooting down my left leg all the way to my foot!

I’ve eveen heard stories of other people who try to close their eyes at night to get some sleep to forget about their problem and the pain and itching has them tossing and turning like crazy. Its as if their being tortured.

Many people start thinking of getting them removed by the use of surgery. Thinking of the money they would have to spend to get this done creates frustration and anger, while just the thought of getting the procedure done would leave me totally embarrassed.

Lets face it, you and I both don’t like to talk about hemorrhoids. Further more, it’s no surprise they are closely linked to constipation as no one likes to talk about constipation either!

If people around you were to find out you had hemorrhoid’s it would feel like social suicide wouldn’t it?!

The embarassment. The humiliation.

Oh god.

Well, thankfully you don’t have disclose it to anyone… and I’m obviously not going to tell any of your friends either.

In fact, in a peculiar way I actually WANT to talk about hemorrhoids with you today so I can also give you simple tactics on how I cured my hemorrhoids and how you can do the same.

But first…

bleedin hemorrhoids

Lets for a moment clear up our understanding of hemorrhoids.

It may surprise you to know that everybody on the planet is endowed with hemorrhoids since birth. Hemorrhoids are vascular structures in the anal canal and region around the anus which help with stool control and act as a sort of cushion composed of arteriovenous channels and connective tissue. Just like other essential parts of the human body, hemorrhoids developed while you were still in your mummys womb. They are a NORMAL part of any human anatomy, totally separate from being a signal of depressed health or disease.

This ‘cushion’ quality that hemorroids possess can be aggravated to change its form just like the skin on a hand which is aggravated and changes its form into what we call a callus. If the aggravation is intense enough, the skin on a hand can crack, swell and bleed… the same goes for hemorrhoids.

The condition that we know as ‘hemorrhoids’ in general society is just the joining of symptoms relating to the inflammation, enlargement, thrombosis, and a possible prolapse, of the hemorrhoidal tissue bundles.

Beyond the broad label of ‘hemorrhoids’ are two sub classes: internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

Internal Hemorrhoids, unlike external hemorrhoids, aren’t innervated at all; meaning, they do not cause pain even when they are enlarged. Enlarged internal hemorrhoids are detected in two-thirds of all patients during routine anorectal examinations. However, this hemmorrhoidal state is in no way optimal as you could suddenly be confronted with bleeding hemorrhoids or even hemorrhoidal prolapse which occurs when internal hemorrhoids stretch and sag outside of the anus!

The pain from External Hemorrhoids emanates from the area protruded by dilated hemorrhoidal veins. This dilation is caused by venal (vein) thrombosis which is triggered itself by blood clots. Usually, the clotting is caused from a specific event that created venal obstruction such as abnormally large stools, intense straining, hard labor, and the lifting of heavy objects. The pain may go away if the blood clot dissolves and the troublesome vein shrinks. Unfortunately, the vein will never completely return to it’s normal size even if it does shrink because the vein’s new shape cause permanant skin folds to form.

There’s a big misconceptional when it comes to bleeding hemorrhoids that I must point out to you…

Bleeding doesn’t occur from the thrombosed veins, but from the abrasions, cuts, tears, and/or ulcerations of the mucosal membrane that lines the anal canal. The bright red color of the blood indicated its arterial, rather than venous, nature.

The three most common causes of hemorrhoids are:

  • Large stools
  • Hard, rough stools
  • Straining

Sounds familiar?

As I explained earlier, these three causes bring about venal thrombosis which has been triggered itself by blood clotting.

Increase your fiber‘ isn’t just a message that has been drummed into your head ever since you sought advice for your constipation, it was paraded through advertisements on billboards and, even in the comfort of your  home, via TV. This freakin’ absurd message has been part and parcel of the so-called ‘common-sense’ in the Western world.

Eating increased fiber sure is common, but there is no sense involved in it.

The simple equation is this: unnatural levels of fiber-intake bulk the size of your stools to an unnatural level which puts an unnatural strain and stretch on to your colonic walls and anal cavity.

On top of the ‘more fiber in your diet’ insanity, when you add in rough and dry stools caused because of your constipation, and the straining that needs to occur for these stools to come out, no wonder you’re suffering from hemorrhoids right now!

bleeding hemorrhoids

A very powerful tonic for hemorrhoids is apple cider vinegar.

It was the #1 treatment method I used to cure my own hemorrhoids.

Get a raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (ACV) – the brand Bragg’s is the best apple cider vinegar I have found out there. You can buy it at any good health store.

How to use it:

  • Fill your bath up with warm to hot water and add around half a cup of ACV and let it mix it. I would also recommend adding some Epsom salts to the water as well which is very beneficial.
  • Buy a Sitz Bath. They only cost around $5 at Walgreens and Target. Using warm water with a little ACV and epsom salts in it, sit on the Sitz bath for 15-20 minutes each time. You can do this 4-5 times each day.
  • Make little ice cubes with water and a small amount of ACV. When they are set, insert these into your rectum.
  • Get some fresh Aloe Vera and cut some a piece of it into a strip. Coat in some cayenne pepper (optional) and then store in the fridge or freezer until it has chilled. Insert in your rectum as best as you can (there will be some pain). Make sure you don’t insert it so far that you cannot grab on to it to gently pull it out.
  • Simply apply ACV vinegar directly to your hemorrhoids using a cotton ball.

In all methods I recommend starting the amount of ACV you use at a small level and build it up from there.


Because ACV can cause stinging when it comes in contact with a hemorrhoid – in fact, small amounts of stinging are ok and necessary. So I recommend starting off with a solution of 80% water/20% ACV. Then in a few days increase the ACV part up to around 60% water/40 ACV. Slowly increase your ACV ratio over time. YOu can of course decrease your ACV ratio if the stinging gets too bad.

It took me just 7 days to see INCREDIBLE changes to my hemorrhoids that had caused me pain for YEARS.

Coconut Oil is another treatment method that is effective, specifically Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Apply coconut oil on the troubled region. Do it regularly for several days.

Make sure you apply it at least 2 times a day, optimally 4 times. Do not forget to always pay attention to the changes of your hemorrhoids each bowel movements. If there are significant changes, do it until the pain or hemorrhoids’ lumps disappear.

Your hemorrhoids may also have a connection with yeast overgrowth too. Luckily coconut oil’s anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial properties are world reknowned in treatment for yeast infections.

Another type of oil which can be helpful when applied to the affected area is cold-pressed Castor Oil.


I also HIGHLY recommend using a footstool when you sit on the toilet. The relief of using a foot stool such as the Squatty Potty for your hemorrhoid problem can be instantaneous!

Using a foot stool allows your body to take on the natural posture of elimination that your body was designed to use. I talk about this in more detail in my post Sit Your Way Out Of Constipation.

If you want to get all the information you need to know to cure your constipation, I’ve laid it all out in my new book ‘Cure Your Constipation – The 3 Step Formula to End Your Constipation Nightmare Forever’ . It contains over 300 pages of step-by-step guides and critical information you NEED TO KNOW to finally be free from your constipation! It’s also backed up with over 300 references (scientific, journals, articles, etc.) as well! This is the REAL DEAL! To find out how you can get your hands on a copy CLICK HERE NOW.


I’m now able to sit down on hard surfaces, and walk with ease without any pain whatsoever.

The shooting pain down my leg vanished.

Purely and simply, I have no symptoms whatsoever.

The hemorrhoids are simply not there anymore.

I sleep 100x better – the DEEP and soothing kind.

Consistent application of ACV and coconut oil treeatment, as well as sticking to a proper diet and lifestyle, has worked miracles!



Best in health to you,
Kristopher Cleary


Do you have hemorrhoids and are trying to treat them?… Let me know how the above treatments go for you!

Have you had hemorrhoids in the past and treated them successfully?… I would love to know how you did it!

Any comments, questions, and thoughts… leave a comment below!

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18 Responses to Bleeding Hemorrhoids and How To Cure Them

  1. Hi, Kris! I have had hemorrhoids in the past, but here lately I have had them very badly. The strange things is, I’ve been doing to the bathroom every day without straining at all! (thanks to the milk of magnesia caplets…two every night and I go to the bathroom the next morning) Why am I getting hemorrhoids NOW when I’m not straining and my stool is soft?

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Megan,

      Even though you are not straining to expel a stool, the rough texture of the stool (even if the stool isn’t ‘hard’) can cause ruptures and scrape against already delicate hemorrhoid tissues. Undigested food will inflame the situation and the size of stools, no matter how hard or soft, will also add to the whole problem.

      I knew a woman who suffered from terrible hemorrhoids for years and there was never any straining when she had them. She changed her diet – reduced her fiber intake, up’d the fat intake, etc – and improved her overall digestive health and suddenly there was nothing that aggravated her hemorrhoid tissues.

      Good to hear from you Megan,

      Kristopher Cleary

  2. What would be the top five to ten foods I should eliminate from my diet, other than fiber rich foods and whole grains? I’m really trying to CURE my constipation so I won’t be on the milk of mag’s forever..

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Megan,

      Great to hear from you again.

      Ok, apart from grains, 5 things to avoid consuming are: 1. Man-made Hydrogenated Oils, 2. Refined Sugar, 3. Pasteurized dairy products, 4. Soy based products, 5. Beer

      Butter made from pasteurized cream is tolerated well by majority of people so that is an exception. The same goes for hard cheese.

      Best in health,

      Kristopher Cleary

  3. bAptiZe #

    ACV burns like hell, it’s giving the hemorrhoid the feeling of swelling and being stiff…. is this normal?

    • George #

      bAptiZe: try initially diluting the AVC w/a bit of water…

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi bAptiZe,

      Yes it is normal. But what I would suggest is that you water the ACV down to a weaker concentration (by using water) so it does not give you such an intense burn.

      For example, start of with 70% water – 30% ACV. And slowly increase the ratio towards more ACV over time.

      There is no need to put yourself through unnecessary pain. In fact, the body will respond better to gentle treatment rather than being harsh.

      Let me know how you go,



  4. Ron #

    HI Kristopher,

    Just wondering how long it took to shrink your haemorroids using this method of applying ACV and coconut oil?
    I am due to give birth in three weeks time, and I have one that is at least the size of my thumb, and I am keen to reduce it in size as much as possible before delivery date.
    Really appreciate your post on this!

    • Hi Ron,

      Its difficult to give an exact time frame as everyone’s body responds differently to treatment, but I have seen people who have noticed massive changes in the space of a few days. Most people, however, tend to see results after a couple of weeks.



  5. Mary #

    Hi- My hemorrhoids started as itchy, and yesterday it started bleeding. Its now bleeding while I wipe ( bright red) even when I dont have to go to the bathroom ( just doing a check). I am 24, and worried there is something wrong with me. I find myself very healthy. I consistently drink teas, eat kate, juice fresh carrots and beets every morning, I stay away from processed foods, workout, and I am in shape. I have a BM twice daily. Im so confused why this happened to me! The bleeding scares me!! Could this be serious? How long should the bleeding persist before I see a doctor.. I dont have insurance

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Mary,

      I would try out the natural treatments that I recommend above, along with using a foot stool like the Squatty Potty.

      If these do not help at all I would then suggest you see a doctor.



  6. SML #

    Hi Kristopher,

    I put Braggs on a cotton ball and slept with it on my hemorrhoid over night. I guess it burned the skin around my anus as now it’s very sore down there. Did you you tape the cotton ball to you or just wipe with it a few times a day?

    Today I’ve opted to just put coconut oil on it.

    Thanks for your advice!

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi SML,

      It is better to just wipe it a few times a day at the start. If you have time during the day where you are lying down for an hour or two you can try taping the cotton ball during this time. Having the ACV applied overnight could be too long for such a tender area.

      Let me know how you get on!



  7. janet #

    Thanks for the post. Can I drink d ACV since I av internal pile which bleed sometimes

  8. brandon #

    hi kristopher,
    i dont know if i have a hemmaroid or colon cancer… but it looks like there is a sack in my buthole.. Its tender and sore but its not bleeding at all… i have had large and rough stools tho.. im not constipated… i am worried if i got something serious.. pls help :(

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Brandon,

      It is hard to say what it might be.

      I recommend going to see a doctor about it.



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    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Nice thoughts Ellis

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