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Constipation Symptoms

Constipation is just one of those things people don’t want to really talk about, isn’t it?

No one wants to talk in public about the terrible trouble they’re having eliminating poop from their bowels.

First, I want to say that I hold NO judgement! I suffered from chronic constipation symptoms for YEARS and tried everything the doctors and medical professionals advised to get rid of them… unfortunately, none of it worked. The only thing that worked was when I decided that I would find the cure to my constipation NO MATTER WHAT. I started to meet other people from all around the world who had cured their constipation completely… and usually just by changing what foods they put into their mouth.

It was that simple!

constipation symptomsYou want to know whether you’re constipated or not?

If you’re not having a bowel movement at least ONCE A DAY, you are constipation my friend.

You’re not only constipated but toxicity from your stools that have been stuck in your colon too long is causing severe damage to the rest of your body. Even causing you serious diseases such as cancer.

Dr Bernard Jensen, America’s foremost pioneering expert on bowel health and the author of countless bestselling health books, says about constipation, “I consider it the greatest present-day internal danger to health. Constipation contributes to the lowering of the body’s resistance, predisposing the body to may acute illnesses and the initiation of many degenerative and chronic diseases. Constipation indirectly cripples and kills more people in our country than almost any other single disease condition. …My experiences have proven beyond a doubt that inadequate bowel movements and poor bowel hygiene are the sources of an untold number of disorders in the body.”

What other constipation symptoms are there?…

  • Straining to force a bowel movement or straining during a bowel movement,
  • Experiencing hard stools,
  • Have a feeling on incomplete evacuation after having a bowel movement,
  • Experience a sense of rectal blockage,
  • Need to use added measures to have a bowel movement, such as finger evacuation     or abnormal manipulation of your lower abdomen,
  • Bloating, stomach feeling full,
  • Nausea,
  • Aching cramps,
  • The urge to poo but you feel like you can’t.

It is truly a nightmare situation to be in. The scary part is that if you do nothing about it, it worsens over time.

Having your bowels functioning properly lays the ground for all health.

The amount of people constipated in the Western world, especially the US, is increasing at an alarming rate. Some reports suggest around 70% of the American population suffer from constipation… half of those people suffer chronic constipation.

This situation is getting worse, not better. The current treatment is obviously not working… in fact, it’s making the problem worse.

constipation symptoms

Studies have shown laxatives, whether prescribed or bought over-the-counter, can cause irreversible damage to the nerves in the colon walls. Once nerve damage has taken place it’s impossible to fix. Laxatives, such as the stimulant type, unnaturally force the colon walls to peristaltic action (move the stool along) which is dangerous in any circumstance. They end up irritating the intestinal mucosa, kill off vital intestinal bacteria, induce unbearable cramping, and may provoke even worse constipation symptoms.

Increasing fiber intake is probably the most recommended piece of constipation advice from every man and his dog. Unfortunately, even though increased fiber sometimes has good short-term benefits the medium to long-term benefits are anything but helpful.

Fiber acts a bulking agent which increases the size of stools forcing the colon walls to grip and move them along with more ease. Unfortunately, what do you think this does to the walls of the colon?

It stretches them. This unnatural stretch is severely damaging over time. Those who use increased fiber intake are endlessly having to increase their fiber intake in order for their stretched out colon walls to be able to grip continually bigger stools. Painful hemorrhoids begin to develop with the increased strain of larger stools and the nerve endings in the colon are damaged until the colon cannot tell whether or not there is actually stools in the colon to be eliminated. When this happens, you poop is going nowhere!

As Dr Bernard Jensen said earlier in this post:

“Constipation contributes to the lowering of the body’s resistance, predisposing the body to may acute illnesses and the initiation of many degenerative and chronic diseases. Constipation indirectly cripples and kills…”

He’s not joking.

Constipation is a symptom in ITSELF. It is a symptom of the body telling you that it’s damaged and is not getting what it needs nutritionally.

Moving your bowels is not an acquired habit, it is pure INSTINCT. You don’t need to teach newborns how to poop… they do it as naturally as they breathe or cry. In fact, I know elderly people who are moving their bowels with ease more than once a day!

You don’ teach your body how to beat it’s heart. And you sure as hell don’t  need to teach your body how to pass as stool… it already knows how to do that! You just need to supply it with what it needs.

I’m going to be talking more about what your body needs shortly in future posts! Watch out for them!


Best in health to you,



Let me know your thoughts below!

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4 Responses to Constipation Symptoms

  1. Rossf #

    Well done for creating this helpful and humane blog-in regards to symptoms I’ve only ever had a few on that list-almost never dry hard stools but mainly cramps/bloating and a dull feeling like the large bowel is just hypo active with sort of rebound hyperactive periods-most people think of dry hard stools when they think of constipation-do you think the oversimplification of symptoms in the past has helped create this one nation under constipation? I suspect a lot of people don’t even realise that they’re bowel functioning is very substandard-it’s amazing what one can get used to-I will definitely try your programme-have already started making fermented foods like sour kraut and kefir-bone broths are the next step-I always instinctively refused to eat margarine-I have a very keen sense of smell and it always smelled rancid to me-

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Ross,

      Great to hear from you.

      Our culture tends to oversimplify things, or maybe a better word is over-generalize! Many people do this themselves (you and I included) by generalizing about whole groups of people (Germans, Americans, Brit’s, etc), food (Asian food is yum or yuck), etc. Being able to simplify things can help greatly in some context’s, but in others it can be unhelpful.

      Great to hear you’re on the CYC programme. I know it’ll help your digestion no end and you’re going to be eating some of the most yummy food you have probably eating in all your life in the process!

      It sounds like to me you’ve already got a good foundation going and plenty of common-sense within by avoiding foods like margerine!

      I look forward to hearing about your progress Ross. Keep in touch.

      Best in health,



    HI, I have a Very Sad but Short Story to tell You. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL PAGE! I had Several Lower Back Surgeries Over 42 Years Ago. I Am on Workers Comp Due to Chronic Back Pain, Plus TWO Addition BadDisk that are ready to go. I have Suffered With Constipation for over 8 Years. Sometimes When i Get the Erge to Go, Then When I hit the Throne it is Gone. this has happened off and on for the Last 3 YEARS. I Take Colace too Keep my Stool Soft. Well I used to Use Laxatives that my Pain Dr. Gave me, Senna. It Worked but I was Never Told that It was Doing Damage to my Colon. I AM Paying the Price Now.

    Now for the last THREE MONTHS, I Need to Have an ENEMA to Emety my Stomach. every Two or Three Days I Need this. I have NO FEELING IN MY STOMACH, OR COLON AREA TO GO. I Finally Found Out What is Wrong With my Digestive System. ALL OF MY NERVES HAVE BEEN SEVERED! Now My Pain Dr. is Telling Me to TRY To See A Nurologist, For my Nerves. I AM HERE WITH TEARS IN MY EYES, NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO. I Live in Hawaii, We Have VERY Limited Sources Here. I am SOOO Afraid of what is coming. A COLOSTOMY OR A LLEOSTOMY, I GUESS. This is Effecting the way I Think and Act in Every way. I got HURT at 29 Years Old, I Will Be 70 in December, if I Last that Long. Over the Last 42 Years I Have Tried to Kill Myself Twice, After My First Devorce of TEN YEARS. I Cannot Have Children. GOD HAS Blessed me With A 2nd Wife of Almost 36 Years. I Do not know what I Would do if She Would Die. I Cannot Even Begin where to Look For a Dr. To Treat me.

    Thank You So VERY MUCH For Reading my Message.
    May the MOST HOLY LORD Bless All of YOU, INDEED!
    God Bless Robert Boyko

    • Kristopher Cleary #


      Thanks for reaching out. I’ve replied to you privately via your email to me.

      This comment goes to show other readers the dangerous longlasting side effects of products and medications recommended out there today for a ‘quick fix’ that really ISN’T a fix at all. It just supresses the problem and creates a new (usually WORSE) problem in its place!

      Thanks for your honesty again Robert.



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