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Eating Fat Can Help My Constipation!… Are You Kidding?

It ends up that, ‘No, I’m not kidding’.

Eating a diet which celebrates, rather than ‘runs away’ from, fat is not something that is common in our culture.

In fact, we’ve been taught that fat is the devil!

Could this be untrue?

constipation fat

Way back in the slow-bustling 1950′s a shifty little biochemist by the name of Ancel Keys had just turned in a research papaer to be published titled ‘The Seven Countries Study’. This little paper would be the catalyst for a big change throughout the Western world as it appeared to demonstrate a persuasive statistical relationship between the amount of fat consumed in a given country and the occurrence of heart attack.

It looked like Keys had come to a monumental conclusion and breakthrough that the more fat a country consumed, the more heart disease strengthened its deathly grip. He wasn’t wrong either! Keys did show this sublime trend line, however what no one knew at the time was that he disqualified all of the conflicting results!

That’s right, he threw them out!


Dr. Keys presented a graph of the intake of fat in relation to the rates of heart disease as it relates to the population of 7 countries. It clearly shows that lower fat intake relates to lower heart disease and that higher fat intake relates to higher rates of heart disease:

constipation symptoms

However, what he didn’t disclose is that he originally gathered data from 22 countries. That data tells a whole different story:

constipation symptoms

There were countries he turned a blind (or denial) eye to which devoured a diet high in fat and also showed a surprisingly very low rate of cardiovascular disease. Whilst on the other side of the table there were countries that demonstrated a high level of cardiovascular disease eating a little fat at all.

In reflection, the study was not phenomenal. It was flawed.

The Seven Countries study should have really comprised of ‘twenty-two’ countries. If this had of transpired then there would have been a very clear message out of it: ‘there is no relationship between fat intake and heart attacks’.

There must be some other factors causing all this disease.

But the show had to go on back then so Keys’ boisterous views got bandied around like nobody else’s business. ‘Restrict fat! Especially saturated fat’ was the main theme, as well as ‘eat a diet like the Mediterranean countries’… though the food Keys promoted everybody to eat was nothing like what the Mediterranean countries actually ate.

Fat was put up in front of the jury called ‘cultural conditioning’ and was slapped with the unfair sentence of “guilty”. Guilty of wrong doing. Guilty of causing heart disease. Guilty of causing cancer. Guilty of inducing cognitive decline. Guilty for a whole lot of other ills and crimes. Fat was portrayed as a serial killer holding the smoking gun with blood on it’s hands. Fat was killing people left, right, and center… apparently.

And for all this, Keys was awarded a Time magazine cover.

The hypothesis for the researches back in that day was that if Americans were fat (and suffering heart problems) then they should reduce the amount of fat in the diet. Fat = Fat. Simple equation right?


Many books have been written about this such Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig, a biochemist and nutritionist, along with sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation (a non-profit dedicated to helping people implement healthy approaches to nutrition), and the New York Time best-seller Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

Even though fat contains more calories per gram compared to carbohydrates (9 calories vs 4 calories) it doesn’t make sense that if a person consumes predominantly more fat calories than one burns, this is going to lead to weight-gain. This is simply not true, even though people have been brainwashed to believe it. It is carbohydrate, or the insulin it releases, which is the catalyst for encouraging excess fat storage. Not only that, they totally ignored the fact that protein and fat have properties that encourage increased satiety so you don’t feel like eating. People who are extreme high-carb eaters continually feel like they need to ‘top-up’ their energy stores throughout the day with snacks and constant eating. I’m of course not saying that carbohydrates are bad – I eat moderate carbs myself. But when they are held up and promoted while fat is demonized I think this is simply not the best way to go about things.

You can find more great information about the Ancel keys fat ‘fraud’ here.

We have been conditioned to believe that fat is the enemy of all enemies. However, the fact is that fat usage as a fuel for our bodies energy is far superior than carb-energy and study upon study shows conclusively that low-carb/higher-fat dieting is far more successful in shedding weight.

For example, our brains are mainly fat, most of our nerves are made of fat, reproductive hormones are fat. Our brains weight is made up of 60% of fat. It is ESSENTIAL to our functioning.

Mother’s milk is made up of 49% saturated fats – mother nature does not make mistakes.

It’s especially essential to the functioning of our digestive system to eliminate any symptoms of constipation!

How can fat help someone with constipation?

Firstly, just a little bit of undigested fat can help grease the passage of a stool through the colon. If you increase the amount of fat in the stool its makes it extremely difficult to retain poo. This is a reason why oils that are indigestible, such as jojoba oil, cause diarrhea.

A second reason is that when you eat fats, bile is released into the intestines. Bile has two acids, chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) and deoxycholic acid (DCA). They promote the passing of stools by secreting a small, but very essential, amount of water in the colon.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, is that fats are extremely nutritious and heal the body’s health problems. Everybody who I have ever seen with constipation have had digestive systems that were in a bad state. Gut dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, bloating, and cramps just to name a few.

Healing and increasing the health of the gut and surrounding organs is KEY to blasting away your constipation forever.

Constipation is a symptom that the overall health of your body has been compromised and you need to do something to get the toxicity out, and supply the body the true nutrients it needs.

You won’t find animals in the wild constipated! Because they eat what they are designed to eat… protein and fat. You don’t see a lion feeding on the meat of it’s prey with a three baked potatoes next to it do you? No, enormous amounts of carbs are not needed.

What about animals like gorillas whose diet consists of 98% of plants?

Well they have a completely different system of digestion. Plant matter is what they eat, but what happens to these via the process of digestion? The body is given fats, specifically; fatty acids.

In went plant matter (carbohydrates), but their digestive system made sure to convert most of it into fats. Unfortunately humans like you and I don’t have this digestive ability so we need to eat fat directly.

Fat’s are truly a healthy part of anyones diet.

We knew this as common sense back in the early to mid 1900′s. Unfortunately processed foods and the unbridled pace of modern day life has us on the run so much so that we have stopped caring what we put in our mouths and our health suffers as a consequence.

It’s not your fault you’ve got into this constipation. It wasn’t my fault either that I was my digestion got stuffed for years too.

I just didn’t know better at the time because I wasn’t taught what my body truly needed to be healthy.

I’m sure you’re the same.

I’m going to leave it there for today, but that’s a quick introduction to the idea that fats are your friend. Not ALL fats, however. Stay away from margarine and vegetable oils (except coconut and olive) for now and I’ll have more on ‘Good Fats vs Bad Fats‘ soon.

Best in health to you,

Kris Cleary

Any questions, thoughts or comments… leave them below. I would love to hear from you.

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6 Responses to Eating Fat Can Help My Constipation!… Are You Kidding?

  1. Ali #

    Do oils and butter work better than say almonds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, walnuts etc…
    Ive read seeds and nuts “cause” constipation even though they are whole food fats.
    Thanks Kris!!

    • Kris Cleary #

      Hi Ali! Great to hear from you again.

      In my experience, there is no doubt that animal fats (from grassfed/pastured animals) and natural oils such as butter, coconut oil, etc work much better than fats in nuts.

      I recommend abstaining from nut intake at the start and then slowly introducing them back in again. In place of grain flours, I recommend nut flours like almond flour to make delicious baked goodies like cookies and muffins while on my diet.


  2. Lisa #

    I like the way you tell this shameful story, Kris. It’s so hard for me to accept that almost every person in my family believes the “low-fat is good” dogma, and they do not realize how much more pleasant their lives would be if they knew the truth about good fats. I have not yet found a way to persuade them. I hope I will someday.

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Thanks Lisa!

      I think the best thing you can do right now is keep living a healthy life and consuming your healthy (no low-fat) diet! I’ve come to see that people really hate others telling them how they should eat, what they should do, what they’re doing wrong, etc. People in my family can become very resistant when offering them an alternate view about (healthy) fats and how they are crucial to good health, especially digestive health!

      But that is fine… if what they are doing is working for them at the moment then great. I’m happy for them.

      Seeing positive changes in your own health will have 100x more impact on them than if you try to verbally influence in any way. That is what I have found in my own life.

      ‘Low-fat’ dogma is very strong and is reinforced just about EVERY DAY through relentless advertising, marketing, and behaviour of the majority of people in our culture.

      Thanks Lisa,

      Best in health,


  3. john #


    Great blog

    Im convinced i struggle to digest fiber, even soluble fiber. i feel i can only tolerate a bit of veg (shame as i used to love it)

    I think that when i first started to suffer with constipation i only made it worse by following the conventional advice of high a fiber diet. (so tragic but unsurprising with this world lol)

    also feel i got the constipation in the first place due to long term antibiotic abuse for skin problem. prescribed by the doctor with no advice to take a probiotic after use (so tragic but unsurprising with this world lol)


    im beginning to eat most meat and fat and experimenting with low fibre fruit and veg, however

    1 im not sure im eating enough (
    2 is all this meat good for me as its not all wild i try to eat organic 70%
    3 any advice what your typical day looks like
    4 i miss my sun warrior protein shake lol
    5 do you find a bit of potatoe/sweet potatoe or carrot digest easier especially if with fat only


    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi John,

      Good to hear from you.

      Sorry to hear about your situation…

      1. Try to eat as much vegetables as you can tolerate. Even trying some plain white rice or white potato and see how you tolerate it could be interesting too. I like the idea of getting at least 100g of carbs a day. It helps restore glucose reserves and allows glucose functions in the body to operate properly.

      2. I recommend getting around 15% of your total calories from protein. So that i typically 100g or less of protein. Eating loads and loads of meat is not the best idea. A balanced diet, that is also calibrated for overcoming constipation, is much more sensible.

      3. I’ll be writing in more detail on examples of my daily eating plan but it usually involves a couple of servings of meat, bone and joint broth, some probiotic food (sauerkraut, sour cream, yogurt, etc), vegetables, a few servings of starch (now that I tolerate it well), butter, spices, herbs, etc. Good wholesome meals that are super delicious!!

      4. I know, protein shakes used to be delicious for me too but caused issues as well!

      5. Yeh, I’m ok with potatoes now and carrot too. Try cooking your potato, cooling it down, putting it in the fridge and then eating it cold. When you do this the potato forms something called resistant starch when it cools down and is refridgerated. This resistant starch is extremely helpful for feeding beneficial bacteria that are in your gut. By the way, sweet potato can cause problems for some people due to the increased oxilates in them – every tolerates things differently.

      Let me know how you get on John.



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