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Have Antibiotics Caused Your Constipation?


I want to show you in this post the incredible link between the lack of healthy gut flora and your constipation.

Many people don’t know that poor gut flora is one of major causes of their constipation and one of the major keys to never ever having a constipation problem ever again…

Did you know our gut is home to 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) micro-organisms?

The human gut contains more bacteria than there are cells in the entire human body!

Gut flora, and the level of importance it has on our health, has only just started to be understood and integrated by scientific pioneers all around the world. It has been now realized that gut flora makes up of over 75% of our immune system, it regulates our metabolism, provides potent protection from infections and… WAIT FOR IT… powerfully promotes normal gastrointestinal function (that is, eliminates your poo with ease!).

Our gut flora consists of all sorts of creatures from healthy bacteria, nasty bacteria, yeast, pathogens, even parasites. The ratio of a healthy functioning gut flora is about 90% healthy flora – 10% unhealthy flora.

As long as there is a sufficient amount of healthy bacteria present the unhealthy stuff will be kept in check and not cause any problems at all.

But what happens when the ratio is effected and more nasty gut flora is present than there should be?

This is called GUT DYSBIOSIS.

The effects of this can be deadly!

One of the most alarming ways that peoples gut flora is instantly changed for the worse is by the intake of antibiotics. To be fair, antibiotics are great at what they do, which is purely and simply to kill any and all bacteria in your gut… the bad guys AND the good guys.

It’s like throwing a nuclear bomb down into your intestinal tract.

Sometimes a treatment of antibiotics is definitely necessary and unavoidable such as when someone has some kind of threatening systemic infection, then a course of antibiotics could actually end up saving their precious life. Fewer people die from common infections now than they did before antibiotics were discovered. So as much as I dislike antibiotics I do believe there is a role for them in our society it must be said.

However,  what majority of people do is take antibiotics for reasons that actually do not need them such as a pesky little ache, stomach pains, or a runny nose.  Their immune system could have easily taken care of this problem if they supported it with the right nutrition but it’s much better to just take a few pills to fix the problem right?…


As people take the antibiotics they wipe out their gut flora therefore leaving them heavily vulnerable to more bacterial or viral infections as pathogenic organisms start to take over in the digestive tract. This is the reason why quite often you see people who take an antibiotic for an infection become sick again shortly after completing the course or why once a person stops taking antibiotics for their acne has the problem come back ten times WORSE straight away.

So what do they do next?

Thats right, they take more antibiotics, throw their gut health into more of a graveyard and the cycle of sickness and inflammation becomes extremely vicious.

There are other factors that contribute to a compromised gut flora but here I’m just going to stick to antibiotics.

I truly feel sorry for people suffering from constipation who; #1, have no idea their ill gut health is probably the number one factor causing their constipation, and #2, because they just don’t know the negative effects that antibiotic use is causing them.

What makes it worse it that access to antibiotics is as easy as anything…. the medical profession, especially general practictioners (local doctors), hand them out like lollies.

A new study has found that pediatricians are over-prescribing broad spectrum antibiotics. 21% of all patient visits in the study (about 10 million visits) were met with an antibiotic prescription, 50% of these prescriptions were for broad spectrum antibiotics. For 23% of the visits prescribed antibiotics, the patients conditions were the kind that would NOT EVEN RESPOND to antibiotics, such as asthma, specific viral infections, flu, allergies and bronchitis. The scary part of all this is that majority of the antibiotics prescribed in these unhelpful situations were ‘broad spectrum’ and most of the recipients were young.

A study from 2010 shows the haunting long lasting effects that a treatment of antibiotics can have. Three people were given two courses of an antibiotic called “ciprofloxacin” commonly used for bone and joint infections, respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis, endocarditis, urinary tract infections, cellulitis, infectious diarrhea, anthrax infection, typhoid fever, and skin infections. This antibiotic is commonly known as an all-purpose type of antibiotic to treat a wide variety of health issues that surface in people’s lives and other species too (vets commonly use this antibiotic in their practices).

The scary part of this study was that three to five days into the treatment the diversity in the gut was severely destroyed and the total composition of the gut flora as a whole was altered significantly.

What could this mean for you who is suffering from constipation?

Stools are made from primarily water, intestinal bacteria, mineral salts, dead bacteria and cells being shed by the body and traces of fat. Even though truth may have been kept from you, it’s no secret to colon and stool specialists that intestinal bacteria are by far the most significant and largest component of stools!

“There are over 400 species of bacteria in the colon: bacteria make up 30%-50% of the total dry matter in the feces, or even 75% according to other calculation.” [R.F. Schmidt, G. Thews. Colonic Motility. Human Physiology, 2nd edition. 29.7:733.]

Sometimes anti-biotics can be useful which I will talk about more in a future post. But from my personal experience and new breakthrough scientific studies also backing up these real-life experiences, it all points to the importance of a good gut flora and healthy intestinal tract in overcoming any case of constipation. If not, you will continually suffer from recurrent constipation for years on end… with no success in sight.

But replacing this essential gut flora is not as easy as just taking some acidophilus capsules.

I’ve laid out the whole process of overcoming constipation in my new book ‘Cure Your Constipation – The 3 Step Formula to End Your Constipation Nightmare Forever’ . It contains over 300 pages of step-by-step guides and critical information you NEED TO KNOW! It’s also backed up with over 300 references (scientific, journals, articles, etc.) as well! This is the REAL DEAL! To find out how you can get your hands on a copy CLICK HERE NOW.



Let me know your thoughts in the comments box!

Best in health to you,




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8 Responses to Have Antibiotics Caused Your Constipation?

  1. Alt #


    Thanks for this informative website. Everything you’re posting about makes a lot of sense to me. I am a scientist, and not a doctor, and searching for a cure that makes sense– and is effective– for my four year old son’s chronic constipation.

    He had many ear infections as a baby and toddler, and was on antibiotics at least 7 times. when we went to potty train, he couldn’t seem to “get it”, and unfortunately, it took us two years to figure out his accidents were the result of constipation. My current hypothesis about his problem is that 1) the antibiotics destroyed his natural microbiota, then 2) this led to problems digesting dairy, grains, or other foods, which 3) caused hard, painful stools, leading to 5) a bad habit of stool holding.

    We are now trying everything to help him, including Miralax (which I dislike), and so far we are coming up short. His diet is quite good, and close to what you suggest with the exception of including grains. We haven’t yet tried removing grains and increasing good oil, but I tnk we’ll do that next.

    Thanks for your thoughtful summary of ideas and research. Constipation is truly a tough, and critical problem to solve. We need more thoughtful approaches, rather than simply treating the symptoms with more drugs.

    • Kris Cleary #


      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate the kind thoughts.

      I consistently hear from parents about their children who are suffering from constipation that have also had ear infections in the past. This is not surprising at all.

      Ear infections account for more than a third of all visits to the GPs. Approximately two-thirds of all children in the Western world have ear infections at some time every year, with one-third having more than four ear infections a year.

      I will write a future blog post extensively detailing the nature of ear infections and the relationship they have in people who suffer from constipation.

      However, I want to let you know that children who have healthy flora do not get ear infections. The mouth, nose, throat, Eustachian tubes (they stretch from the back of the nose and throat) and middle ear of a newborn baby are completely sterile. Fairly soon after birth, the mouth, nose and throat get populated by a varied mixture of microbes, coming from the environment, mum, dad and anyone else who comes into contact with the child. Just like it happens with the gut, many people develop abnormal flora in that area… I was one of them. I had many ear infections as a kid myself, to the point where I had ear grommets put in.

      When the mouth, nose and throat are home to abnormal flora two things happen. 1. There will be too much mucus produced in the Eustachian tubes in order to protect and clean itself. 2. The tubal tonsil (not in the throat tonsil, this one is in the ear) will be in a chronic state of inflammation, blocking the entrance into the Eustachian tubes and not allowing the buildup of mucus to drain out. Suddenly the middle ear fills up with mucus… this situation is referred to as ‘glue ear’.

      This build-up of mucus in the middle ear provides a playground for any infection which may come along from the back of the nose through the Eustachian tube. Typical ear infection symptoms ensue – pain and fever, antibiotics are then prescribed. These anti-biotics clear away the infectious agent but do not remove the overload of mucus. They also further damage the bacterial flora in the nose and throat even further so predictably ear infections reoccur continuously (like it did in your child’s case). Ear grommets, usually prescribed for children with glue ear, are little plastic tubes that are inserted into the ear to allow the mucus to drain. But obviously they are just treating SYMPTOMS and not the real underlying cause.

      I have personally seen children who’s ear infections and glue ear totally resolve by working on improving the health of the gut, especially the gut flora.

      Unfortunately your child has had ‘at least 7′ courses of antibiotics so it’s a no-brainer that his poor gut flora is in a bad state. I would go on to say that his whole gut is probably in a sorry state at the moment (i.e. chronic inflammation) as well. But this is 100% neither your fault or irreversible!

      Due to his damaged gut flora he has probably picked up some food allergies like you have mentioned (eg dairy) but these can be reversed by adjusting his diet properly. All of this damage in his gut is no doubt causing his constipation.

      I highly recommend increasing fat intake (good fats) and eliminating grains for the time being.

      Have you added in a probiotic?

      If you want to contact me personally, feel free to email me at kriscleary@realconstipationremedies.com … I would be more than happy to help your child further.

      It sounds like your son has mindful, caring and determined parents. Lucky him!

      Best in health to you and your child

      Kris Cleary

  2. christin #

    Hi i emailed you. My son has horrible constipation and i am desperate for any help!!!! He was on antibiotics for a uti, blood infection and kidney infection that was sever and all most killed him a couple times. He was on 3 iv antibiotics at one time and given antibiotic shots ever couple hours. For his first six month he was on and off of these antibiotics for utis. He is 17 months old an only 16 pounds. Please help please check your email!!! Thank you

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Christin,

      I emailed you back.



  3. holly #

    My son is 3 years old and gets ear infections several times a year since he was born. Of course he gets antibiotics every time. His dr insists that even though he has a long family history of tubes in ears that he doesn’t need any surgery and that his constipation has nothing to do with antibiotics because those only cause diarrhea. He’s seen few different drs and they all say the same. I feel lost!

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Holly,

      I can understand you’re quite confused right now.

      If you want to work in person with a health practitioner for your son, I recommend find a good naturopathic doctor. If you let me know where abouts you live I might be able to help you track one down.



  4. Aberham #

    Hi kris this is Aberham, i saw your informstion on a website online and read most of your interesting advice on how constipation is chronic due to low gut flora and i am one of those who have been suffering all types of chronic digestive problems in the past 4 years after taking antibiotics. My concern is how do i repopulate my gut flora? Or what other way besides taking probiotics can i get my gut flora back? I have been taking probiotics but it gives me a bad reaction all the time. Thank you

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Arberham,

      Well, repopulating the gut with good gut flora will require you take in beneficial bacteria through probiotic sources – whether it comes from natural probiotic food or through supplements.

      If probiotic intake is causing you problems then I suggest you cut back on the amount your taking in and then slowly increase every few days or every week or two.

      Apart form this, optimizing vitamin A through eating liver once a week, optimizing vitamin D through getting 20mins of sunshine a day or supplementing with Vitamin D3 is important. I also recommend consuming some homemade bone and joint broth, eating 3 eggs yolks a day, eliminate grains from your diet, getting some magnesium through supplementing, and practicing relaxing exercise can all assist.

      There is more to the puzzle but for now eating real food, getting probiotics into your gut, eliminate grains (except for white rice if tolerated), and nourishing your body with proper nutrients and minerals is key to overcoming digestive problems!

      Best in health,


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