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Sit Your Way Out of Constipation (Another FREE Giveaway!)

It’s time for another blog post to shake your world PLUS another FREE giveaway.

More about the free giveaway a little later…

…because first, do you know that the way you sit can massively influence the digestive tract’s ability to eliminate stools?




Yes, really!

You see, the current toilet seat that we all know good and well is a modern invention. It was a reflection of the Industrial Revolution and developed by a man named Tom Bradney in 1927.

It was thought that sitting on a modern day toilet seat was a sign of not only dignity, but of superiority which came from the image and feeling of sitting on a throne. Apparently, there were many Great Britain doctors around this time who had concerns about what this new invention would have on health but their opinions fell on deaf ears in the post-Victorian England age.

This new invention became a symbol of the progress of civilization and the upper class. Western Europe, Australia, and North America did not want to lose any precious dignity by being perceived as not being on the cutting-edge of civilization, so within a few decades most of the industrialized world had adopted the modern day toilet.

However, before the modern day toilet and toilet seat, especially looking back to our traditional history, there was another way that humans just like you and I successfully went to the toilet: squatting.

“What!  Kris, are you telling me I need to start squatting over my toilet!?”

Whoa Whoa Whoa!

No, I’m not saying you need to do that at all. There are other ways you can mimic the squatting posture while still sitting on your toilet.

In this blog post I want to…

  • make you aware of why the squatting posture is so effective for overcoming constipation,
  • show you what crucial lessons you can learn from it, and
  • how you can incorporate these lessons into your normal life with absolute ease to help cure your constipation! (pssst… no squatting involved!)

constipation posture

The squatting posture helps your constipation troubles in 5 main ways:

constipation squat

  1. The ‘puborectalis muscle’, which tenses and can abnormally choke the rectum when using a modern day toilet posture, relaxes while taking on a squatting posture.
  2. It makes elimination much easier, faster, and more complete. This happens mainly through the simple fact of gravity. Also the weight of the torso presses against the thighs and naturally compresses the colon in a gentle manner.
  3. Squatting adjusts and lifts the sigmoid section of the colon to straighten out the kink-like shape at the entrance to the rectum. Quite a bit of pressure is taken off the puborectalis muscle through this movement.
  4. It protects delicate nerves that are connected and control the bladder, uterus, and prostate from being stretched and damaged.
  5. The ilieocecal valve, which sits between the small intestine and the colon and is important in restricting waste to filter from the colon back up into the small intestine, is properly sealed when adopting a squatting posture. Because of this, the colon is allowed to become fully pressurized which creates a natural laxative effect.


The squatting posture is our natural way of going to the toilet. No doubt about it.

Look at any young child who has not had enough time to be culturally conditioned on how to sit and she/he will naturally squat down to pick something off the ground or to just rest. After personally traveling through Asia, this is how children naturally position themselves when they go to the toilet as well.

constipation posture squat

It is also natural and commonplace for adults in non-Westernized countries to squat down like this in everyday life.

When it comes to sitting, the squat is the instinctual way that us humans do it. Researchers have observed this squatting as the norm in all traditional societies, including the few last hunter and gatherer societies still left on the planet.

I’m not sure about you, but it seems crazy to me that Western culture, which continually seems fixated on moving away as much as possible from on natural and instinctual way of being, values convenience and the path of least resistance much more than it values what works and what promotes wellbeing.

The problem of modern-day toilets promoting constipation have been known for a long time. F.A. Hornibrook in The Culture of the Abdomen, published in 1933:

Man’s natural attitude during [elimination] is a squatting one, such as may be observed amongst field workers or natives. Fashion, in the guise of the ordinary water closet [modern day toilet], forbids the emptying of the lower bowel in the way Nature intended. Now in this act of [elimination] great strains are imposed on all the internal organs….

It is no overstatement to say that the adoption of the squatting attitude would in itself help in no small measure to remedy the greatest physical vice of the white race, the constipation that has become a contentment.

B.A. Sikirov in his medical paper Primary constipation: an underlying mechanism also believes that the only natural defecation posture for a human being is squatting.

But most impressive is a study which was published in 2002 by an Iranian radiologist, Dr. Saeed Rad.

Thirty people took part in the study (21 make, 9 female) ranging from the ages of 11 to 75 years old. A special enema was giving to each participant so the exact internal mechanics of defecation could be observed through x-ray by the researchers. Each participant was observed difecating in both the sitting position (common toilet position) and the squatting position.

Dr Rad discovered that the junction point where the end of the rectum joins that anal canal increased its angle by nearly 50% more compared to the standard sitting posture. At times, the angle reaches 180 degrees, making the pathway for stools completely and perfectly straight. This is highly contributed to the puborectalis muscle’s ability to relax in the squatting position.

So how can you take advantage of the powers of the squatting posture?

Good question!

You don’t need to squat on your toilet to receive the benefits squatting itself. You can receive all the benefits still using your Western toilet!

I’ve discovered a cool little product called the Squatty Potty.

It’s simple, easy, and damn effective!!

The Squatty Potty is a lightweight toilet stool that allows your body to mimic the squatting posture. It will allow your knees to be raised above your waist so your body develops the perfect pelvic angle (around the 35 degree mark) and it has even had coverage on Dr. Oz’s television show.

It is 1000x more effective when used with the Cure Your Constipation protocol that I’ve laid out  in my new book ‘Cure Your Constipation – The 3 Step Formula to End Your Constipation Nightmare Forever’ . It contains over 300 pages of step-by-step guides and the most important information you NEED TO KNOW to be free of your constipation! It’s also backed up with over 300 references (scientific, journals, articles, etc.) as well! This is the REAL DEAL! To find out how you can get your hands on a copy CLICK HERE NOW.



The guys over at the Squatty Potty have been kind enough to offer a free giveaway of one of their Squatty Pottys. All you need to do to be in the chance to win is subscribe to my FREE newsletter. You can do it easily by scrolling down below this blog post and finding the red box where you simply just enter your name and email address!

That’s it!

Easy and simple. Just the way I like it!

Go and subscribe to my newsletter now (remember its FREE) and good luck!

The winner (it might just be YOU) will be announced in exactly 2 weeks.

::: UPDATE  ::: …. The winner of the Squatty Potty is ‘Lisa’. Congratulations Lisa, the Squatty Potty will be delivered to you very soon!

Best in health to you,

Kristopher Cleary

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6 Responses to Sit Your Way Out of Constipation (Another FREE Giveaway!)

  1. Ross ferguson #

    Excellent article Kristopher! Well done-you’ve got a really nice concise way of explaining things-accessible but detailed as well-I’m afraid any eloquence on my part has been reduced to “I want my squatty potty!” Do they have a website?
    Keep up the good work.

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Thanks Ross. I appreciate the kind words!

      Best in health,


  2. The paper by Raad studies people who are used to using the squatting position. Do the results still hold in people who have sat all their lives?

    I ask because I’ve tried squatting on the toilet seat many times but never manage to get anything out by so doing, whereas I can when I sit down. What am I doing wrong?

    • Kristopher Cleary #


      Yes the results still should hold. I would recommend you use a toilet stool to rest your feet on like the Squatty Potty. This will mimic the squatting position while you are still ‘sitting’ on the toilet at the same time.



  3. Madeline #

    Kristopher- All of your advice has worked for me. I have a hiatal hernia and have had flare ups for years.
    Within a few days of following your diet, squatting & ACV remedies I feel much better.
    Thank you for sharing your story to help others.

  4. GiGi Eats Celebrities #

    I need, need, need one of these!!! My digestion… Oh my digestion…

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