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What To Eat To Cure Constipation

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I’ve got a lot of people asking me, “what diet do I need to be on to get rid of my constipation for good?”

It’s great to see a swirl of interest out there and it’s also great to see countless numbers of people are starting to wake up and realize what they put in their mouth to eat is the major factor in whether they overcome, or continually suffer from, constipation.

What to eat for constipation matters!

Why is does it matter?

I’m going to put it bluntly; Your body is not in a healthy state at the moment if you’re constipated.

Healthy functioning bodies do not become constipated. Period.

So the main aim of this diet is to RESTORE the health of your body, particularly the digestive system, so that it functions as it was designed to.

The word ‘remedy’ means, “to restore to the natural or proper condition; to put right”.

This simple diet formula is the only true constipation cure in my experience and the experiences of many other people as well. It gets to the source of the problem and fixes it.

A true cure cannot be done in a half-assed (excuse my language!) kind of way. It’s not about a ‘bit of a fix’, or making slight improvements in the overall health of our digestive system. Sure, slight ‘changes’ in eating habits are needed… and these slight changes themselves bring the massive improvements. These ‘slight changes’ mean moving away from all the things that exacerbate your already over-loaded, toxin-ridden, tired, lethargic, out-of-balanced and damaged system, so that your gut can truly heal.

This happens with REAL food.

Human stools are largely made of gut flora and a lack of proper gut flora is one of the top 3 reasons why people are constipated. It’s no surprise then that one of the main aim’s you need to be focusing on is replenishing your gut flora. This ‘invisible’ gut-flora is responsible for over 70% of your body’s immune system! So powerful.

The diet that I have recommended to the people whose constipation I have helped banish could be described as an anti-inflammatory diet.


All of these people (including myself) had tremendous gut issues which stemmed from gut dysbiosis (messed up gut flora), leaky gut syndrome (small holes in your gut walls), and other symptoms of chronic inflammation.

Years of harmful eating, toxins, pollutants, anti-biotics, drugs and stress, plus maybe not even inheriting a strong gut flora (your original gut flora is passed on from your parents), have all taken their toll on the gut-flora that resides in your intestinal-tract right now.

The most basic list of the ‘Cure Your Constipation’ diet includes:

  • Fresh meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Good Fats and Oils
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Fermented Foods
  • Meat Broth
  • Selected Dairy

what to eat for constipation

That is the crux of the most important parts of what is in the ‘cure your constipation’ diet.

What is excluded from the diet is not 100% set in stone for ‘every’ person. I recommend staying away from grains such as wheat and rye, however there are some people who tolerate other grains quite well. With dairy, it is imperative that you stay away from high-lactose dairy products and look for ones that are low in lactose or are cultured e.g. yoghurt, kefir, butter.

When you begin to give yourself the gift of eating this anti-inflammatory diet your insides will LOVE YOU for it. You start begin seal up those little holes in your gut, wash out all the bad toxins and start to replenish your intestinal tract with strong beneficial gut flora.

Your guts get back to what they do best: Pooping!

And also as a nice side benefit, you’ll begin to gain a youthful glow, truck-loads of energy and all of a sudden your future becomes extremely bright.

Best in health to you,

Kris Cleary

I would love to hear from you! So make sure you leave a comment with any questions or thoughts…

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15 Responses to What To Eat To Cure Constipation

  1. Ben #

    Hey, ive been reading some of these articles and i have constipation which is most likely caused by some antibiotics that i took for acne. I had no idea that those would cause this but the constipation has given me a hard time(i have anxiety and the feeling in my colon is uncomfortable). I am starting college in about 3 weeks and i cant keep this problem going. So my questions are: Should i start taking probiotics(again)? Do you have a more in depth list of foods that i should eat for the anti inflammatory diet? And ones i should definately stay away from? Thanks, Ben

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Ben,

      Great to hear from you!

      Just like yourself, I’ve heard from plenty of people who have taken antibiotics for Acne such as ‘Accutane’. Your constipation occurring AFTER your course of antibiotics reinforces everything I’ve been talking about here at RCR.

      Should you start taking probiotics again? Of course you should. I would suggest finding probiotics in the form of natural foods first. For example, making up your own batch of sauerkraut preferably made from organic cabbage and celtic sea salt. I highly recommend the book “Real Food Fermentation” by Alex Lewin. The sauerkraut you buy in supermarkets and even health food stores has been heated (pasteurized) which kills all the good healthy bacteria that your body’s gut flora is craving. You can take some probiotic supplement capsules but I have found many of the probiotic supplements to be ineffective and expensive and I don’t want you spending money on useless products just because they are advertised. Some probiotic supplements that I do endorse are Primal Defense and BioKult. Which ever way you go about it, start slowly on the dosage. Intake of probiotics can cause a die-off effect (detox symptoms)… so start with a tea-spoon of sauerkraut the first day or a quarter of a probiotic capsule and increase the dosage every 2-3 days.

      I’m going to be writing a post on how to make the best sauerkraut in the world soon so watch out for that one!

      Do I have a more in depth list of foods to eat and stay away from? I do and I will be writing it up soon. But quickly, I really recommend staying away from ALL grains… in fact, with all the experience Ive had, its compulsory. There are many irritants and anti-nutrients that contribute to debilitating inflammation in the gut region. I also recommend staying away from PASTEURIZED dairy… stick to using ‘raw’ (unpasteurized) dairy. Start with consuming only butter, which is an incredibly healing food, at the start and then you can introduce other raw-dairy products such as yoghurt, kefir and sour cream (all great probiotic sources).

      I must say though that one of the key components of curing my own, and others, constipation has been healing the gut walls. Consuming at least half a cup of bone broth (I’ll also be posting a special recipe up for making AMAZING broth) with every meal, along with eating the right foods, is the best way to help the gut heal itself.

      Any other questions Ben? Feel free to shoot them my way!

      Best in health,

      Kristopher Cleary

  2. Heather #

    I recently got married and of course, moved to live with my husband in a new town and a new house.
    The only way I have ever been able to ‘go’ is to be in my home, have my morning coffee, and sit on the computer for sometimes up to 2 hours in the morning. If my routine was at all changed, if I had to go out in the morning or had an appointment, I don’t even feel the urge to go even with my normal morning routine. Then I am sick, hugely bloated, and tired all day and don’t have a chance to ‘go’ again until the next day, when hopefully..I can sit and relax.

    Now that I am married I try to do the same in our house and it’s not working. I have to drive home to go and this isn’t possible everyday.

    I tried reading but it doesn’t have the same calming effect that zoning out on the computer does.

    While on our honeymoon I did not go for 10 days because there is no way in the world I can relax on the computer in a resort for 2 hours. And even if I did .. it doesn’t work. I need to be in my parents house.

    Can you suggest anything? I am ready to switch my diet to low fiber. I basically already eat this way but I’m going to cut out nuts and certain fruits because they bloat and hurt after eating.

    Thank-you for this awesome website!

    • Kris Cleary #

      Hi Heather,

      It’s great to hear from you.

      This is a very interesting and relevant question when it comes to constipation so thanks for asking it.

      What you describe is a part of one of the 3 major elements I’ve formulated of constipation: pyschological. The other two are ‘diet’ and ‘physiology’. And although they are seperate categories they are all connected.

      For example, your psychological (even if unconscious) has a profound effect in whether your body will allow your bowels to move. And we all have certain ‘rules’ which allow us to get into an ‘un-stressed’ state.

      Its apparent your unstressed state, or ‘comfort zone’, is generated when you are in your own home, have a morning coffee, sit working on your computer for sometimes up to 2 hours. All of this puts you in an psychological state which allows you to move your bowels. This works for you … but it probably wouldn’t work for too many people. Because we all have different RULES for what puts us into our ‘comfort zone’. For someone else, they need to feel their intimate relationship is healthy and loving, for someone else it’s finances, for another it’s the weather, for another person if they see a pimple on their face they can’t go to the toilet. Trust me, I’ve heard it all over the years. And I had my psychological triggers as well.

      My quick suggestion would be to create an environment in your new HOUSE which reminds you of your old HOME. It’s not by chance that YOU chose those very words (house vs home) in your comment as well. Were there certain scents (plants/flowers/air fresheners/etc) in your past home you could use in your present house to make it feel more and more like a home? Certain pictures? Ornamants? Rugs? etc

      A ‘house’ is impersonal. It could be anyones. But a HOME is personal, a source of comfort, a retreat, etc. We love to say ‘theres no place like home’ for a reason.

      I will be writing some detailed posts on the psychological aspects of constipation soon. I’m glad you asked this question. It’s really the forgotten piece of the puzzle when it comes to curing constipation.

      When it comes to diet, make sure you reduce your fiber intake slowly! Don’t rush it or it will make things worse. And while you’re doing that, increase the fats. Try and get the best quality fats possible (e.g GRASSFED animal fats, etc).

      If there any other questions or comments I would love to hear them.

      The best in health to you Heather,

      Kris Cleary

      • Gosh thank-you for this awesome reply! That is a really good suggestion .. that I did not even think of.

        I think psychological constipation is worse then diet related .. because at least you can just change your diet and be okay.

        I have talked to other women who recently got married and it’s surprising that many of them are experiencing the same thing! My sister-in-law told me she would ‘wait’ to go home, sometimes 3-4 days at a time. And even now .. she needs time in the morning, no talking to anyone, no tv, to just relax and surf facebook. :p

        Maybe it will take awhile because my new house does not feel like home. The smell IS different now that you mention that. When I come home to my parents one of the first things I think or say is that I miss the smell.

        Again thank-you for your reply! I have been reading everything on your website the past little while. I’ll be back for the article on psychological constipation for sure.


  3. Olivia #

    Hi, i love this website!

    I feel my constipation may be deeply related to stress! At home my parents (im a teen), constantly (multiple times a day) yell–loud. My dad especially. This is very very very upsetting to me and its as if i can feel my lower abdomen clenching everytime it starts. Several months ago, i viseted my granparents on my mother’s side of the family. My dad did not come, so there were no arguments or yelling. As a pleasant surprise, on that 9 day trip, i pooped. Everyday. Normally!! I felt as though all the stress was gone. Upon returning home, my constipatin is back, the fighting is continued between my parents, and im more stressed than ever. How do i deal? In many ways, its not even the yelling itself, but the thought of all the tension between my parents and the thought of how scary my dad can sometimes be. Any advice is deeply appreciated.

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Olivia,

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog and thanks for your comments!

      It’s fascinating to hear your story. Your case is a perfect example of the powerful affects that stress can have on constipation.

      If you havn’t already seen it, I wrote about stress and constipation here:


      Something you can do at the moment is practice going into a relaxed state. At the moment, the thoughts in your mind of your parents arguing makes you feel this ‘stress’ which obviously affects the functioning of your bowels. If you’re able to practice going into a relaxed state in your spare time you can begin to trigger this calm state when you start to worry. This might sound a little ‘out there’ but the following technique helped me greatly when I suffered from chronic worry as well!… Practice going into a calm state by closing your eyes, breathing slowly and deeply and repeat a word in your mind that you find soothing, such as the word ‘calmness’, or ‘soften’, etc. You can either add in an image you find calming.

      You may be thinking ‘this visualization type of thing Kris is talking about sounds crazy… saying words, imaging images, etc’. But I want you to realize THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE ALREADY DOING WHEN YOU WORRY! When you and I worry we create pictures in our heads and say things to ourselves (or in your case, you hear your parents arguing) and it elicits a feeling of worry and stress.

      So instead of creating words and images in our mind that create stress we just create words and images that create calmness.

      Changing the way you feel can happen in an INSTANT! A little practice of going into a calm state goes a long way.

      Let me know how you get on Olivia!


  4. Melissa #

    Hi Kris. I have been suffering from chronic constipation for 5 years now and it has been a huge struggle for me. I have depended on laxatives. I try not to take them and some months seem better than others. I will go 3 weeks or so without taking them and than other months are worse and it seems like I have to take a laxative once or twice a week or so to go. My consitpation gets worse when I am stressed which I have been extremely lately and i took a laxative a day ago and it did not work. Over the years I have taken fiber and some months I do a lot better than others. I have tried miralax and other products and after reading your articles know i need to wean myself from them. I am scared that I have really done damage. Any suggestions from you I would really appreciate. I want to cure this! I feel so bloated and have no energy when my constipation gets so bad. I want to cure this once and for all and am willing to do anything! Help Please!

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Melissa,

      Great to hear from you.

      It never ceases to amaze me how core stress is when it comes to constipation. Everyone wants to take this or that laxative, supplement, etc without dealing with the CAUSE of their issue. In fact, ignoring the cause usually just makes the problem much much worse. I feel this is what is happening to you at the moment. So I want to congratulate you for taking responsibility for your health.

      Your dependency of laxatives definitely suggests that you have some real gut healing you need to do. I would avoid grains (if you tolerate white rice feel free to have a little), dairy, man-made vegetable oils (canola, margerine, etc). Increase your fat intake to around 50-60% of your total calories, drink lots of homemade bone broth – make soups with it, eat veges – try some steamed beets and other vegetables, try some light exercising, have some quiet time at least 20 mins a day (sit by yourself without distraction and just focus on your breath), slowly introduce probiotic food or supplements, get good sleep – try to be asleep by 10:30 the latest!

      If you want to connect with me one-on-one for some personalized assistance, feel free to email me at kriscleary@realconstipationremedies.com


  5. Rahul Shrivastava #

    I am from India, I am studying in college and i am facing problem everyday in the morning, as i am trying too hard in potty but only little is happening, my mess food is also not good what should i do as i am a hostler here out of my city so i cant cook n also i have to eat what i get so please help me from this morning frustration. I feel my palm and feet burning and my lips also and i also sneeze a lot in morning

    • Hi Rahul,

      What kind of foods are you eating on a regular basis?

      Not being able to prepare your own food it not a desirable position to be in, but I’ll wait til you get back to me with your daily diet before I comment any further.



  6. Amanda #

    My 4-year-old daughter has short gut syndrome and as such, constipation really shouldn’t be a problem for her but I often find that her stools are infrequent and hard. She probably averages one stool a day. Having read your article, her diet is very much in line with what you recommend. We eat clean in our household with very little processed foods, and only organic when we do eat processed foods. She loves fruits and vegetables and doesn’t eat much dairy or grains. Do you have any suggestions for specific foods we should increase or decrease to help get her regular?

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Amanda,

      This is a tough one. The fact she is pooping once a day is obviously normal and a good sign.

      A few thoughts:

      If you think she is not getting enough natural fats I would recommend getting more of them into her diet; avocado, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil on salads, coconut oil, etc.

      Recommended magnesium intake for her age is 130 mg. If eat a range of different vegetables I’m sure she is reaching this amount but it might be something you can look into.

      Keeping up the water intake.

      You might find introducing some homemade yoghurt made from raw cow’s milk or homemade kefir from raw goats milk could help her too.

      Let me know how your daughter gets on.



  7. Anna #

    Hi, Kris. I am from Hungary.
    I have been suffering from chronic constipation for a long time.
    I like your blog and hope your advices will help me.
    What about white potato? Its fiber content is 2 gr/100 gr. Is it good or not? I know, it is not paleo food.
    White rice worsens my constipation. It contains very little amount of fibre. What about you?

    • Kristopher Cleary #

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Carbohydrates are tricky. Some people tolerate some types of carbs really well and others have problems with the very same type of carb.

      Generally speaking, people with digestive issues like constipation have trouble digesting starch (white potato). This is because starch is classified as a ‘polysaccharide’ which is a COMPLEX carbohydrate that needs more work to be broken down (digested) in order to be absorbed. If you are able to tolerate white potato ok, it probably means you have enough of the right digestive enzymes and a balance of gut flora which can process it.

      If that is the case then white potatoes are a good choice for obtaining carbs. A good thing about potatoes is that they are very low in toxins after they are cooked properly and after they are digested they are absorbed as ‘glucose’ which is beneficial for the health of the body – especially the digestive tract.

      I’ll be talking more in detail about the different types of carbohydrates and the benefits of glucose over fructose in my book which will be released on the blog in around a month.

      Also, potatoes ARE a ‘paleo food’! There has been research and evidence of starchy plants like potatoes used as food in the Paleolithic period.

      As long as you’re getting around 13-20g of fiber a day you’ll be ok. You can experiment with a slightly lower amount of fiber and see how you respond. If you respond ok it might mean that you have some bad microbes in your gut that have been feeding on the higher fiber intake you’ve been taking in.

      Interesting about the white rice. I tolerate white rice perfectly fine. Everyone is a little bit different.

      Let me know how the white potatoes go Anna! Just make sure you cook them thoroughly by boiling or steaming them – and adding some nice celtic sea salt and grassfed butter on top is a nice addition too!



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